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Are night vision goggles still in the game?


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I haven't seen any in more than 60 hours of playing A18 (across different versions), either at the trader or in loot. I've seen every other bit of loot at least twice. I figured they had been taken out, but seeing them mentioned in A18.2's patch notes makes me wonder.


Have any of you found them in A18?

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Definitely still in the game. My Traders have them pretty much all the time. 3000 dukes base price.


They are exactly as they were in A17 as far as I can see. That is, pretty average, neither good nor bad and definitely not a necessity.


All the time? I find that hard to believe, or we must be playing on very different settings. Or maybe it's my reluctance to max out lucky looter and/or better barter, because they feel like perks that cut the game short instead of expanding it.


I found them pretty regularly in A17, even at lower game stages.


As for their necessity and nights being too bright anyways: I've recently stopped upping the gamma levels of the game and found out nights are actually dark if you let them be. Especially indoors, with shadows on. So the NVGs are quite handy when you want to sneak around, and help with immersion too, imho.


If I just played for efficiency, I would probably always go for baseball bat, AK and heavy armor. Flip on that helmet light and just run through everything, popping heads left and right. Easy indeed, but I like switching it up with stealth builds because they're just way cooler.


(edit: also, and way besides the point, what's the use of having a separate questions section in a forum that's slower than molasses on a winter night? Do the mods just like shuffling threads around or something? lol)

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