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Axebeard's Random Wilderness POIS


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I'm going to use this thread to dump any small random things I make to spruce up the wilderness and whatnot. Enjoy!


Currently, I've got two different deer hunting tree stands, a cellphone tower, a ruined version of the same tower, two Satanic ritual sites in the woods, and a hidden underground uhhh... hideout. Details below.


Download here:



axe_celltower_2 - A moderately tall cellphone transmitter tower thingy with an attached control shack. Tier 2 Fetch and Clear (few zombies but you hope you like heights!)


axe_celltower_2_waste - A destroyed version of the above for Wasteland biomes. Lots of zombies, but not much loot. More of a decoration.


axe_deerstand_1 - A very simple deer hunting stand.


axe_deerstand_2 - A better treestand with a little loot.


axe_hideout - An underground hideout, Good loot, but no quests attached. Should be extremely difficult to find, as the entrance is just a random metal hatch in the woods.


axe_ritual_2 - A Satanic altar with a hidden surprise for those not afraid to get their hands dirty.


axe_ritual_site - Another Satanic ritual site. Just for decoration.


More pictures on the Nexus link above!




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