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Corrupted chunk after IndexOutOfBounds-error


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I accidentally hit my shotgun turret with pickaxe, and tried to fix it with claw hammer. After first hit my console started spam "IndexOutOfBounds"-error message.


I thought that my client broke something, so I tried to relog on my dedicated server.


After relogging, I noticed that building where I was built my base, was somehow "reverted" back to it's initial state, at least some parts of it. It's really weird that example doors that I've broken down, were there again. But example some of my storage boxes were still in place.


I went to my save game folder and found two error files

Saves\Old Ganoki Valley\MaastoGame\Region\error_backup_20_64.comp.bak

Saves\Old Ganoki Valley\MaastoGame\Region\error_backup_20_64.uncomp.bak


Is there way to dig into those .bak files, and possibly fix what that error broke?


Thanks for help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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