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"settime" command issue


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Dedicated Linux Server running on VM separate to client.


So, friends and I were happily playing the game but wanted to hold off on hitting day 7, so rolled back to day 5. So I quickly googled "set day 7dtd" and was met with the wiki informing me I could use "settime <day> <hour> <min>" huzzah!


We got to day 21 and once again wanted to wait for others to play, so rolled back to day 15, eventually we did day 21 and then decided that we'd like to play through the first 3 horde nights again. So I rolled back to day 1, day 7 comes along and nothing. No red sky, no feral horde, nadda. I found another thread that suggested setting the day back to latest day we had reached might solve the issue. Alas, there are no roaming zombies. Only POI zombies. What's happened?


Have I messed up our save?

Is there a way I can fix it without losing our base?


Thanks in advance.


Things I've tried;

- Deleting main.ttw and allowing the server to create a new one.

- Creating a new save and copying the old save files into the new one (although I don't know how this helps as it's literally a copy paste job?)


Log Files



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Nope. Basically once you've screwed the pooch, it stays screwed.



Bugger. Well, I broke the news to friends who are asking if we can transfer characters and inventory to a new game, I know it's possible but just want to check that doing so will not bring the issue with us?



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