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[UNITY MODDING] Need help with Animation/Rigidbody Bug / Issue


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Hi Everyone, maybe someone can help me here :)

I want to add new entitys to 7dtd and start to follow the tutorials from xyth / David Taylor on Youtube. After following the shown material i'm stucked on 2 issues now...


First Issue:

Animation Issues (maybe from Rigidbody!?)


i show this to xyth for help and he answered me:

In unity you left a ridgedbody or hinge component on a bone. Whenever it shakes like that, then thats the reason.


for the simple reason, that i'm new to working with unity, his response don't lead me to the goal to fixing the issue. Thats why i made a 2nd Video to show the "Inspector" of all Bones from the Character.


Second Issue

if i spawn a self added Entity to the Game i got a Error Message


followed by a "NullReferenceException" Error Spam.

i used the from xyth in tutorial shown "entityclass.xml" config



.. Hope for some help to fix the issues as fast as possible. Ppl can add me at discord to talk with me about a solution---




I got the animation right now a bit more stable:


but the ingame error message is still there...

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You can't remove a ridged body if there is a character joint also on it. You must remove the character joint first...then remove the ridged body. In Unity 2019.1 you need to unpack the object in the hierarchy to make any changes that will be automatically saved. I don't love this change, and the safest method is just to remove all the ridged bodies and character joints, then delete the previous version (not the .fbx) from the asset folder then drag that new version of the model into your folder which will force save every change.


The null ref error likely related to the above, but not always. Make the above change and let us know.

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