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Skill questions


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Hi all,


I have a few questions on skills:


1) The penetrator: do (some) zombies have armor, or is it for PvP ?


2) Hidden strike: lvl 1 description mentions "with knives", the other levels do not. Does lvl 1 it also apply to bow/gun ? Does the skill also apply to all other weapons ?


3) Intelligence does not increase dismember chance (but all other skill do). No tooltip error here ?


4) What is the difference between cripple and dismember ? What are stagger and ragdoll ?


5) Hip fire: to what weapons does it apply (gun only, bow, other firearms, throwing spear) ?


Thank you in advance !

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1) Yes, at least biker zombie, military zombie and worker zombie have armor.


4) Cripple is removing a limb, Dismember should only refer to removing the head. Stagger is the backward motion when you hit them. Ragdoll is when they fly through the air with any limbs flopping around wildy. Use a sledgehammer power attack and you will see ragdoll quite often.


2,3,5: Most perks really only apply to the weapons under the same ability, but there are exceptions. Most of the time the text is correct. To be really sure you have to read the XML.

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1) As above, but I'll just add the dreaded Demolisher to the heavily armored targets list.

2) I have tested HS with rifles, works as expected there. Assuming it works on any sneak attack. It Seems to in-game anyway.


The rest I'm largely guessing, having not actually tested anything here:

3) Sounds like a tooltip error, it Should, as I understand it, be the same as others.

4) nothing else to add to meganoth's answer, although dismember == head sounds odd?

5) As far as I understand it applies to everything (other than the shotgun), but no idea about spears, they're pretty unique. Not even sure if they have a spread in the first place. Or throwables in general now that I think of it.

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Thanks a lot for your answers. I checked the xmls:


2) perkHiddenStrike only uses _crouching and _notAlerted in its requirement. Not sure if the parent="skillStealth" adds another requirement, but it seems not.


3) Intelligence increases dismember like all other skills


5) perkRunAndGun says tags = ranged and not shotgun. Spear has tag thrownWeapon but not ranged.

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