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Melee combat / zombie rage mode


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Things I think need to be fixed/tweaked. Melee combat needs fixing, I can stand two feet in front of a zombie swing and magically miss, from my POV the animation just goes through the zombie. Combine bad melee combat with zombie rage mode and its a complete disaster, it's supposed to be a chance a zombie will rage but its well over 70% of the time they will rage ( from any difficulty I've played ) . Rage mode doesn't stop till you drop the zombie to the ground from what I've noticed. Especially difficult on hard modes like Survival or Insane to do any type of looting or engaging in zombie combat because of the rage mode. I want a challenge but I don't want to be screwed from the start. They can make it where rage mode isn't enabled till after the 7 day horde and lower the percentage chance of them going into it. Feel free to leave any comments about how they can improve these issues or if you disagree with me.

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