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Odd renderingbehaviour on my dedicated server


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Hello Everyone!, been enjoying 7 Days alot lately so i decided to make my own dedicated server for me and my 5 other buddies.


I have managed to set it up, everyone can log in no problems and no lag, (exceptional ping even). The zombies moves as they should and is as deadly as every. However for some reason the rendering distance seem to be rather wack (see picture below)




its like all of us are living in our own rendering square and the mountains we see, or anything else for that matter changes as we apoche it. I tried use the Vistitmap command and successful went thru without error but to no avail.


Did keep an eye on my hardware as well , cpu utilisation was only around 40% with all players in it , more than 4gb of ram to spare and its all loaded on an SSD




I3 3.4ghz 4xxx series

8gb ram

intel ssd 180gb

100/100 Fiber internet

Runing Windows 10


(i did assume the hardware could be a problem, but beside that render thing, its running very smoothly)


Any idees ?


//Best Regards Daniel

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It's not a hardware problem, it's two worlds getting mixed together.

You can delete the local saved game (on the client) and then it should

reload the correct world from the server. You won't lose anything doing



Thanks for the replay , it did not seem to work tho for some reason, so i tried to make a new world (♥♥♥♥ed over the server fiddling so even reinstalled it >_<) but even the new world seems to have this problem now. Any chance for you to make a "dumb person" guide for me to make sure i follow the right steps and/or perhaps its another problem?


best regards Daniel :)

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On your gaming machine, (not the server) do this:


From your Steam Library, select "Play" on the 7D2D game.

Select "Show game launcher" and then select "PLAY".

Once you're in the Game Launcher, select the "Tools" Tab.

From the Tools tab, select "Clean game data..."

Check the boxes "Game Data", and "Discovered Maps of Remote Games", and "All Maps".

It would be good to delete your Savegames, and Generated Random worlds as well, but

you may have a local game you're playing that you don't want to delete, so that's up to you.


Press the "Clean" button.


Reconnect to your server and see if the world looks better.

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Same problem here... have try to clean game data on both client and server . I also erease every map files on the server to regen it... still having those ''redering square zone'' that move with me. all this by a fresh and clean re instal off the dedicated server tool from steam. I really dont understand and need help PLZ.

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