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Known Schematic/Book - We can't tell if a schematic has been read!


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Greetings 7d2d Forums,


Does anyone else find it annoying that you can't easily tell if you know a schematic that you have selected? It's particularly annoying when dealing with the trader and trying to buy sets of books that you don't have. This was not an issue in Alpha 16.4 when there was a "Known" property for schematics/books.


Alpha 16.4



Alpha 18.1



The known property is visible in the previous versions but not in alpha 18.1. Maybe just an oversight but it's immensely time saving when you see schematics/books that the trader has and you need to know weather not to buy them.


The current process is to open the trader window, see a book ("Urban Combat Vol 3" for example), close the trader window, open up the skills tab, navigate to the books section, select the book then see if that book isn't unlocked, close the skills tab, talk to the trader again, buy the book.


That has to be done for every book that we might want to buy. It would be nice if you can click on a book or schematic and have a "Known" property that tells you if the book has been read or not.



TL;DR - Add a property to schematics/books informing you if you know or read it already.


P.S Great work on Alpha 18 in general. It plays so much better than Alpha 17.

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