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My suggestions, central hub and mapping


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1. A static central hub. Obviously, right now, POI's aren't generated in very interesting ways. It'll be excellent when this is tweaked to perfection, and there is more variance, but I think it might also be interesting to include some static elements that are the same on every map gen. In particular, it could be cool to have a very detailed and unique urban sprawl for the central hub, with the rest of the map randomized. 2. The new mapping system is cool, but the zoom-out range needs to be larger to encompass such a massive zone of play, or maybe the ability to snap to a road map/regional map from a local map. Also, there should be some sort of vantage point system, where the higher up you are the more the fog of war is revealed. So walking along a road you only reveal the edge of that route, but if you climb to the top of an apartment complex or a mountain you can reveal a lot more of the landscape.
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