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A18 Praise and criticism


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Ok I was a huge critic of A17 I absolutly hated the skills system because it felt too rigid. A18 so far has brought me back in. I like that its possible to learn/unlearn skills or find needed recipes in loot. I am primarily a solo/duo player and these changes made this playstyle viable again. My few criticisms would be does literally every house have to be a massive secret military installation in RWG. I think we need more "soft targets" mixed in like the old Diresville houses with the texture overhaul so not every single house is a zombie packed brawl but are a good place for a starter player to loot but is not a great base like the old brick houses were. Also the follow the path in every house makes for good flow but alot of the hidden bases once you know where the exit is its a easy cheese to get the end loot. I would suggest make a switch mechanic to where a loot room has to be earned by making the exit unlocked only if the loot room is found and steel so its at least harder than dig one level down. Also the zombie closets are not as effective when you know they are gonna pop through. I have had more oh crap moments when they fall from the ceiling and such. Or have body bags that react after you leave the room. Another idea would be a zombie that doesn't announce its presence the moment you walk into a area. There is alot less fear when the are always announcing their presence make the player be more aware of their surroundings. Use the walking through debris and footsteps the primary give away instead of every damn zombie screaming their heads off. I never almost never have to worry about my 6 unless a wandering horde comes in. Also change that 1 wandering horde per day mechanic up. Its almost predictable cause its never really changed in like 10 alphas. When there is alot of activity do more than a screamer. Increase spawn rates with heat increase. Have more zeds wandering through because of heat rise. A static group is too easy to deal with and predictable.

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