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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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11 minutes ago, archergod said:

It is almost evening for our region :)  and it is launch night for us really.

Yeah, just saw the news. 12 CST is 6pm for me as well....and with our internet, probably 9pm before the update is done and I can actually play.


All good though...Just one of those things. Even if we all ran West very quickly to speed up Earth's rotation, it wont speed up the progress on the bugs. 

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So loot is getting reduced - which is great, I checked Jonah and Games4Kickz and there was soooooo much ammmoooo and best mods and recipes - felt cheesy...
I really hope the public version will get tuned down. Food should be either more expensive at vending machines, or there should one time lootables  vending machines - no1 is restocking them in apocalypse - except those at traders. 

I hope they can fix traders - JonahBirch got Baseball bat lvl5, and AK47 lvl5 from trader early game. And trader rewards were really generous
( 200 ammo, great recipes ...).

One way to fix traders would be you unlock secret stash Tier 1 - 6  by unlocking quest tiers. That way I the game can control  what kind of loot will you buy at traders through the game progression. Other "general" tabs should only be selling general items, like building mats, clothes, food etc...

Perk should only increase the barter %.

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