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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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So loot is getting reduced - which is great, I checked Jonah and Games4Kickz and there was soooooo much ammmoooo and best mods and recipes - felt cheesy...
I really hope the public version will get tuned down. Food should be either more expensive at vending machines, or there should one time lootables  vending machines - no1 is restocking them in apocalypse - except those at traders. 

I hope they can fix traders - JonahBirch got Baseball bat lvl5, and AK47 lvl5 from trader early game. And trader rewards were really generous
( 200 ammo, great recipes ...).

One way to fix traders would be you unlock secret stash Tier 1 - 6  by unlocking quest tiers. That way I the game can control  what kind of loot will you buy at traders through the game progression. Other "general" tabs should only be selling general items, like building mats, clothes, food etc...

Perk should only increase the barter %.

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36 minutes ago, wolfbain5 said:

must order eatables for game night, chicken wings is out too messy for eating and gaming in group. pizza is to cliche, any ideas?

Hmm. Gaming rations.

I'll have to suggest that for 7DTD merch!

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19 minutes ago, KuriousTurtle said:

To bad I can’t drive the 2+ hours to the TFP headquarters and get a19 early. I’d so take the rest of the day off today. But alas, I can’t. Training the new guy at work. 

you'd be disappointed after you got there.


TFP office is a room that has a mail slot in the door for the mail. on other side of the door, the floor was removed (even the office is voxel) this allows the mail to drop to a large room in basement to collect all the mail.



Rick stops in once a month to see the pile of letters grow and then he goes home to play a19. :)

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8 hours ago, Ryfyle said:

Quick Question? I'm I going to have to delete my old saves again?

Why would you HAVE TO? Since a18 we're shown if the save is from a different version... so if i ever go back to that version i'd enjoy being able to pick up where i've left off.


5 hours ago, Roland said:

Doing a full clean using the game launcher is recommended. It certainly doesn’t hurt and it is a great way to make sure there are no remnants of past versions gumming up the works. 

Well, unless we need a launcher from a different version that just happens to not be included in the one we're interested in playing. ;-)

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