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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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10 minutes ago, Khalagar said:


I thought it was before this stream, but they were ignoring the junk sledge dude REALLY hard. He was like half the chat lol, has me a bit nervous

AFAIK, Robotic Sledge is working.

8 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

Maybe because he was spamming then? 😛

Also, Joel is showing off the weapons in another stream anyway.

We already know of swimming zombies. Will swimming vultures be a thing? ;)

While technically vultures could fly through the water, they try not to target underwater positions.

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1 minute ago, faatal said:

AFAIK, Robotic Sledge is working.


Yess! Lathan accidentally showed it on stream too!  There were some pretty good questions raised about it in the chat, like it's range and hit detection, but I guess that's saved for Mad Mole's night

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Holy crap lol, even better than Roland getting pooped on was Faatal's horrific mistake of chiming in and almost getting kidnapped into a discord call with the boss.


"He will not be doing that on his night"




Actual image of Faatal upon being invited to discord


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14 minutes ago, faatal said:

AFAIK, Robotic Sledge is working.

While technically vultures could fly through the water, they try not to target underwater positions.

Is there any XML ai code to keep entities *in* water? 


You know... For science? 

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Got the last minutes of the stream where Prime said he will deffinitely not do the mocap of lumberjack stripper.


You guys (who asked the questions) should be ashamed..😆


Waiting for the whole stream, thanks Prime and Richard for having us there. 

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46 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

Listen, we need lumberjack stripper maids in 7D2D.


They will take care of your house,... take care of your car,... take care of your finances,... and take care of you. ;)


That'll be the script commercial. It'll start off with a title card reading, "Have you ever had a lonely night?" followed by, "Have you ever had a lack of wood?"

You and Snowdog are grounded. Both in the corner. No, in two separate corners. Good. 



When can we expect a record from the stream ?

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1 hour ago, faatal said:

Not yet, but if we add fish, would probably add something like that.

I think it would be cool if we could build a small fish trap on the edge of the large bodies of water. It could introduce fish as a food source without any kind of fishing mini games or new animations. You could just open it like any box and have a percentile chance of there being a fish in it. Bait could be used to attract the fish. Fish could be scaled in the recipes, grilled, battered and fried with chips, chowder.

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2 hours ago, Khalagar said:

Them straight ignoring you was brutal.


Their weird vehemence towards ignoring all Junk Sledge questions has me a bit worried, is it even still in A19? They ignored every question chat had about it's tracking / range / if it's even still in a19 etc

Oh it's definitely in the game.  Prime even picked it up by accident from the cm when trying to find the junk turret.  It looked like the drone was also in the menu too.

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I watched a good portion of the stream and here are the key points I remembered.


1) Console update is something they want to do but probably not until game goes gold and will most likely on next gen consoles.  Lots of empathy from Rick regarding the whole situation.


2) Rick mentioned 2 games they are planning one of which 6 team members are already working on (Unreal Engine game).  The other game will use the 7d2d engine.


3) Rick hope's they are gold or near it by end of next year and hopefully DLCs following after that.


4) A couple members of the modding community is doing some work for them.  Hernan and Sebastian (sp?)  Congrats guys!


5) Lathan mentioned the following future potential quest types (restore power, destroy target with c4, infestation, restore communications, kill faction leader)


6) Rick highly recommends giving Lathan Knuckle Rubs. 😂


7) Rick drinks at 5pm and had Hair under his hat.  Likes to wear +1 perception sun glasses.  Also had eye surgery recently and now has permanent night vision.


Things that were shown:


1) new navigation icons/beacons for traders, spears, vehicles, quest objectives.


2) New Trader Jen and Joel Models


3) Auto Shotgun


4) HD Arlene, HD Moe (aka edgar), HD Boe cameo, and another unnamed HD zombie cameo wearing a flannel shirt.


5) New Lightning (burnt biome was awesome)


6) New city plaza in Departure City (Navezgane Map) designed by Rick's son.


7) Exterior of new crack a book POI in Departure City.


Will post more details tomorrow. 😎👍

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