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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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1 minute ago, MechanicalLens said:

While we're at it, have it fire homing projectiles that explode and heal the max player's HP for every point of damage dealt. XD

I see the Magnum like the hunting rifle, high damage for high precision.  It's a finesse weapon.  Dont expect to spray and pray with it.

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2 hours ago, Annihilatorza said:

No one But the Fun Pimps knows the date.

Actually we don't even know the date, because dates are subject to change. We have estimated dates, but those usually change x amount of times until it gets real.

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17 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

Okay, something has honestly been bothering me for the longest time. Which side of the bedroll would the player snuggle into? I honestly have never been able to tell.

The side that's open...😅

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3 hours ago, meganoth said:

So increasing magazine size doesn't make the sniper rifle into an M60 but a bad M60? My point exactly, increasing magazine size is NOT the solution.


You're twisting my words, even if we multiplied the sniper rifle capacity to match the M60 (a factor of x6), it would still be slower and more innaccurate so I don't know how you can construe that as being an M60. You haven't really posed a solution, so it's hard to see your point here.


3 hours ago, Laz Man said:

How about make it so one bullet of the magnum causes an explosion so if your aim sucks your still great with it? 😂


Hyperbolic but would actually make it usable...


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16 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

Thank you. You have just solved one of my life's greatest mysteries.

Also, please tell me that is the new bedroll for A19. 😛

Concept art for a more realistic tier-1 fiber sleeping bag:


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22 hours ago, Dethar said:

Now I also have to ask, do you not know difference of a rifle and assault rifle?

One doesn't look scary to certain types of Americans, the other does.  Functionally, there's zero difference.

9 hours ago, Demonoid74 said:

I wish there was a catapult trap that would launch zombies...with all the animation and ragdoll improvements it would be very entertaining to watch!

Thank you.  

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