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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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Get out of here! When have they ever said it would be done when it's done?


way back in a15 my friend lol I don't mind it honestly because the updates are always really good but some people get really salty


- - - Updated - - -


way back in a15 my friend lol I don't mind it honestly because the updates are always really good but some people get really salty


I don't know there name but someone said I think "do you know when it will be done" because he was doing a playthrough with them and im more than sure that I heard "it's done when it's done" back in a15



man I really do miss madmoles playthroughs though ): they was informative and fun to watch

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you know what im excited to say right now its that 7dtd has currently a 93% positive rating and im very sure this is the highest it has ever been congratulations fun pimps!!


The game rightly deserves its place in upper echelon of games, regularly sitting in the top 30 titles played on Steam and an amazing active community with very talented mod support. We have devs that listen and they need to with us lot!


Btw in the recent reviews someone is called Neebs Gaming, it's not actually them as they have only reviewed 3 games thus far and doesn't yet include 7DTD. Plenty more positive reviews that are outstanding could get that to 99%.

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As much as they think it is needed. As long as we provide sane and proper feedback, it will gets better, too.


Absolutely! Alpha 18 addressed many of the complaints I had in my feedback for 17. I can't wait for more improvements.

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What about instead of gun parts and finding whole guns everywhere, you have gun cleaning kits to repair the guns and the only place to find gun are military bases and police stations and gun stores, but limited amounts, having gun parts right now plus finding weapons everywhere it get overwhelming, you can have a storage box full of pistol parts enough to make 50 pistols, who needs 50 pistols when you can repair them and they never lose durability, also when you watch zombie movies a crowed of zombies will follow you and try and eat you but once they cant see you they stop moving, and in some movies they never run its my opinion im just ranting i love the game i would like to see more vehicles

like a RV (Motorhome) and you can use it as a mobile temp base with a trailer to haul your motor bike or minibike or a hitch to haul the 4x4, i know these are dream ideas but thats what id like to see, oh oh and working ovens/sinks is a must! and more building options oh and no more zombie digging, zombies learned how to dig? not likely i rather see it gone imo, i think TFP dream may come true by making the best zombie game ever, great job Funpimps keep up the great work sorry for the long rant =/

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i dont know if someone proposed this before, but what about a button to unload all our inventory into a box, in a similar way we do it when we take all the stuff of boxes or furniture? so we dont need to keep a lot of time searching for the same item into our chest, per example, and stocking it.


There's a mod for this, see: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127758-Backpack-Buttons-A18!-(Stash-All-Stash-Stack-Stash-Stack-Smart)


That said, I would love to see it integrate to the base game because it's so obviously wonderful. It was good for Terraria and it'd be good for this.


Say, madmole, what IS your policy on integrating mods into the base game? I've never been clear on how devs feel about implementing things mods already do. Are there any legal concerns?

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Madmole and dev team. A little recognition needs to go your way.


I just want to say THANK YOU IMMENSELY!!! You may take time to pump out updates and fix issues. But i see now that you truely are a dev team that cares about your fans. You take the time to engineer things and do it right. Time is the only factor which i can not hold you accountable for. You listen to the little guys too. I am just a pea in the pod of life and still out of the THOUSANDS of requests you get in a second world wide you take the time to actually fix my old ati mac mid2011 6600-6700 bootcamp ver of all things. You actually listen to your peers! I am now using my dual core i7 64gb ddr4 gtx 1070 dual samsung evil m.2 raid 0 stripe 12gb/s system. but i i still have my mac on the kitchen table for guests to use when they come over. (SORRY WENT off on a tangent there) lol but.... You guys truly give a damn about your peers. I can only imagine the lifestyle you uphold outside of this project. Madmole . Nice fishing boat. And you still take time for your fans. And at an insanely affordable price too. i about this game on a steam sale 2 years ago for under 26 bucks. You cant even get a fricken movie and popcorn for one person for that price. I've logged over 1200 hrs into this game for 26 bux!!! insane. And still to this day even though some of it is repetitious at times It is ALWAYS a hoot and you are always adding new content and graphical bling. Every time i log into this game is a familiar soothing environment that keeps calling me and my friends back in for more. you unlike all the rest which i also like truly make a game that can be enjoyed both multiplayer and also single player with loads of content and ai that always keep you re-thinking your strategy.


You dont even have to play the quests to enjoy the game. you can get caught up in farming and base building for days with friends. you can be a goon nobody and play it under the influence while your tunes are pounding with 5 friends over or over the net. ITs ALWAYS a blast!!! AND--- being half cut its even more fun.. Its almost become a tradition for me and my friends like church. except actually cool. you dont have to compare cloths every sunday with your peers. you farm build and blow the f.... out of zombies with your friends. Yes im 43. No i'm not married. I have a real life and freedom. but my married friends all escape to my house to play this and get away from their nagging wives. every second weekend. hahahaha.

I got u guys to thank!! Keep up the good work. My only quam is that you destroyed the hospital. I used to love making epic bases in the hospital but now half of it is missing. but i wont hold you accountable for that. You knocxked down half a building and added a whole new world. KUDOS!!






Welcome to the Alpha 19 Dev Diary. As of this time we don't even know what to call Alpha 19. It might be small named updates like "The New Combat Book Update" which could start at "19.0", with the "Vehicle Update" landing on 19.2, etc. What we do know is we're working on some new books, a vehicle update, etc but how and when we roll out what is to be determined. Hopefully it can be several point release patches to get you guys more frequent updates over 6-12 months instead of one big drop in a year.


New Books

Tech Junkie Learn from MacDyver himself to build useful gadgets from common household junk!

Grease Monkey Learn to modify and craft vehicles of all currently existing shapes and sizes

Bar Brawling Learn from Irish legend "Lucky Bastard" himself and never get bested in a good ol' fashioned bar room brawl.

Spear Hunter Get connected with your inner caveman and master the forgotten art of spear hunting.


New super filling foods

Gumbo Stew

Shepard's Pie


Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast


Vehicle Update

Vehicle Mods

Vehicle break down and collision system


Improved Player Animations

Player arms in third person will no longer be stiff when moving with one handed tools, fists or weapons, instead their arms will move more naturally when they walk and run.



New Art



Stone Axe

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Hey Madmole, can we please get a "Stack Similar" so we can rapidly sort our loot into our storage chests? That function that Terraria has? That would be AMAZING.


Thanks, much love.


It's already in vanilla code, just commented out as it's not finished. There is a modlet that enable this vanilla behavior.


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