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Alpha 19 Dev Diary


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Ahoy madmole!


I don't think you understood the fried brain part lol


I had a Hard time trying to spell good for god's sake! i spelled everything from grod , God and Grog. If i mix “feeling Fine” with an Alcohol, that's a problem. *insert joke about drinking making you happy*





I wounder what the new sniper is going to be?


Much better already. It's going to be cool.

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Hey madmole,


I am confused about the new weapon tier system (3 tiers), does this mean the old quality system is going away or is this something that adds something new to the existing quality system?


By the way, I love the new lighting in that dark scene you showed on twitter, it does look pretty scary and that new autoshotgun is very cool too, I guess this will be my new favorite weapon with that new badass iron club right in the next slot! :)


It's existed forever, just not on every tool/weapon. For example, there has been stone axe, iron axe and steel axe for a long time, but we finally have three tiers of everything now.

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MM, I have an idea that you could still show from the screenshots on this week.


Please show us what the new food looks like, which is listed on the first page of this discussion. If there is such an opportunity, of course.



i think the shotgun was good tease for the week!


it was very nice looking!



heck they could show a Picture of a Skeleton model i would still get happy!

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