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Screamers and Junk Turrets


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Love everything you're doing in A18, I see stuff that needs to be flushed out but you have a great framework in place to really make the game shine. I've got two ideas that my group have hit upon that I would like to present.


First is screamers. We feel like the current ability to put spikes up and kill screamers just makes them almost a non-issue. We would like to see the screamers changed to where they scream X seconds, like 10-15 as a starting point for the idea, after they take damage or if they see you. That would give you the chance to shoot them once or twice and potentially kill them but if they hit your spikes and you don't do something with them they will summon some more zeds before they die.


Second is the amazing Junk Turret! I REALLY love the flavor of them and think they are awesome but they are just too powerful. We believe what makes them too powerful is the ease of crafting ammo for them. We think to balance them out you need to add one or two more resources to the ammo crafting. I know they are supposed to be shooting whatever is at hand but as is they are too easy. If you don't like the extra resource idea I think making them use batteries or fuel would be a good idea as well. I was thinking you could drain the battery like the battery banks do and you get more shots the higher rated the battery. So a tier 1 would give you 50 shots before needing to be recharged/replaced and a tier 6 would give you 300 shots (and I'm just making up numbers for an example). My only hesitation about that solution is it could make them really hard to use early game. However it would have an added benefit of giving batteries and the battery bank another use in the game.


edit: I forgot you can craft batteries now so it wouldn't be that big a deal for people spec'd into Int. Might make it harder for others but that's the price of focusing on something else.


Keep up the good work and let us know what you think!


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