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WTB more info on "game stage" mechanic


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I'm about to rent a dedicated server for me and all my friends that wants to play.

But that made me wonder about the game stage mechanic


I know for a fact I will end up playing alot more then some of my friends, so naturally i will be higher level and have a higher game stage rating.


Does anyone know exactly how this effects gameplay for everyone ?

Say if i'm in my base building away, i'm level 50 with a GS of 100

500m away one of my friends are trying to loot a town, they are lvl 10 with a GS of 20

Would my GS effect the zombies in the POI they are trying to loot even if i'm far away ?

What is the range where the game combines GS and assumes we play together ?

Or do you need to be allies in game, and also be in a party ?


Any info would be awesome, thanks :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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