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Very interesting issue when closing from inventory / boxes / or containers of any kin


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Good Evening,


I have had my server setup at gameservers.com for the past week and I'm having an issue. Everytime I close a box or my inventory the screen locks up for about a second. Now when I first get in it won't do it. After a few minutes it starts up and gets worse.


Has any one seen this issue?


Currently running Map


8k x 8k






EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System (Mid Progression) A18

harvestable zombies





Dif is set at 1.


Any idea's?

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Check your client log, and your server log if you can access it, for error or warning messages.


Check your mods if all have the correct version for the version of A18 you are playing


Make a local test game with the same mods and see if it happens there too. If yes, turn off mods one by one and see if it goes away. If something breaks in that test game, who cares :cocksure:.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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