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Crash on startup


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So i bought the game recently, and played my first game with the standard Navezgane map. So i recorded 74 hours on that map, withouth any big problems.

Thats why i guess it has nothing to do with my specs, hence not posting, but will do if needed.


Yesterday my game crushed suddenly, and when i restart the game and load the savegame it crashes after loading most of the stuff. Sometimes, i even see (and hear) the character loading into the world and then it goes poof ;(


Here is the latest output log




Here is a picture of the loading animation, with F1, if it helps.



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Can't help you much, just a silly idea. Assuming at the time of the crash the game was writing to any of the game files, that game file must have a fairly recent time stamp. So find your savegame location, make a backup of that (!!!!!!!!), then go into the world data of your savegame and delete the newest chunks (they should not have newer dates than the date of the crash though) until the game works again.


Note this could very well be the chunk or chunks your base is in.


If you need to delete a lot of chunks before the game works again, note the chunks you deleted last, restore the backup and try this chunk first. This might get better results, I may be wrong about the files time stamps hinting at the corrupt chunk(s)


Anyway, if you don't succeed this way you can always restore the backup and try something else.


EDIT: By the way, when I was talking about chunk, I meant the files in the region directory of your save game. If on the other hand one of the files in the savegame directory itself was damaged, the chances of repair are probably difficult to outright impossible. You could try to generate an empty savegame and copy over a pristine file from there over a damaged file if you can identify it. If there are XML-files in there, garbage in them or a missing half can be identified just by looking.

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You are my god damn hero.


So i went to the chunk files, and all files had the same date. So i thought ok, lets delete them block wise (a few of them togehter, like all starting with "2.") and start up the game, you will see when it works. got lucky on the first hit, and the game run again. unfortunately it was my base chunk, so base and all chests gone. I was thinking, maybe if i run out of the chunk close the game, copy the old world chunk file in there and start up the game again, to run into the chunk, it would load different, and maybe it will works. and it did. so game runs again, and nothing was lost !


Thanks a lot dude ! Whats on your steam wishlist this year?

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