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Idea - Driveable Army Truck - Mobile Mini Base


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(Note: Just an idea, not a request to add to the game.)


So looking at the Army Truck in the game I thought about how interesting it would be to have a portable small base on wheels. Imagine driving it and have mods you could throw onto the truck to enhance its functionality. Have 2 slots that allow you to add function accessories. If the slots are empty then it can carry extra passengers. In terms of what modifications you can add for functionality there can be the following: A workstation and a chemstation, 2 of either a workstation or a chemstation, cargo expansions, cooking stations with the same system of two or one of them.


You can then have one extra slot for non-crafting/storage such as a gas tank extensions, fuel efficiency, armor, quieter engine, 360 degree lighting (lighting on each side that is turned on by a second "F" press), etc. The functionality mods could even effect the model of the vehicle by being displayed in the bed of the truck.


This is all just a thought. It would have to been an end game type of vehicle or maybe have it require 2-3 skill branches rather than 1. What do you all think? How would you all implement something like this?



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