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Need video settings help


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I have had enough with my low FPS with the system I have. Can someone please help me get a blend of settings worthy of my card that will give me a consistent 60 FPS?


My system:


Gigabtye Z270X Gaming mb

Intel i7 7700K @ 4.20 ghz

32 GB ram

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Windows 10 64-bit


It is ridiculous that I routinely get 20 FPS! I have looked for a definitive post from the devs but haven't been able to find one. Is there one and I'm just missing it? This system should own this game!


Please help if you can!

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The biggest hit you will take will be your resolution. These are settings for 1080p but if you run 1440p or higher i will suggest turning down some settings. Keep in mind if you leave v-sync on you will chunk down to the next bracket 120 to 60 or even 60 to 30 and will notice a stutter. V sync is nice to prevent screen tearing but it depends on your monitors native refresh rate. I combat this by using a frame limiter in a video card program like MSI's afterburner to limit my frames and leave vsync off. I use this to keep my card from running hotter and sounding like an airplane more than a quality issue.





This should run really smooth and look decent enough. If you prefer more graphical fidelity shadows could be turned on a little(these are a heavy hit to fps) and trees and grass coul be increased somewhat at a loss of frames when the screen becomes loaded with buildings and zombies.


I totally forgot that turning anisotropic filtering off in geforce experience helps a lot. It can also be accomplished every time you start the game by bringing up the console with F1 and then typing gfx af 0 and hitting enter.


Post processing can also be disabled if you feel laggy but want more frames with higher resolutions. that command is gfx pp enable 0. It will make the world less vibrant but it will speed up frames a fair amount.


You have a decent comp build that is similar to mine but if you have a 4k monitor like I do and try and run it at 4k you will be hitting that 20 fps number most of the time. Tune it like I did and run it at 1080p and you should see fps in the 80+ range almost always.


The game will still look decent but I prefer speed and fluidity to a little more realism since the engine and voxel calculations in this game are way rougher than most titles on a system.

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