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10 SlotToolbelt problem in A18.1


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Hi, nice mod but it do not load, it says: 2019-11-21T09:38:54 6.492 INF [MODS] Trying to load from 10SlotToolbelt

2019-11-21T09:38:54 6.492 WRN [MODS] Folder 10SlotToolbelt does not contain a ModInfo.xml, ignoring

2019-11-21T09:38:54 6.492 WRN [MODS] Failed loading mod from 10SlotToolbelt


I´am doing something wron, please help me, I really like this mod, Thank


(note) I know nothing about programing, but i dared to put a Modinfo from other mod whith your data, and finaly ti shows the 10 slots but they don work,I can not select them

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