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Response to "Business analyst training in Mumbai" post that was in general discussion

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It's a ♥♥♥♥ job. You have to sit down with tech illiterate businessmen who do not understand IT and figure out what they want. They do not know what they want, they are unable to articulate what they want, they do not understand technology, the difference between unix and linux, and why we use relational databases. Then you have to sit down with business illiterate IT people and explain what the business needs. They don't understand compliance laws, they don't understand IFERS or GAAP, they just don't understand business, but they sure think they do!


So the business analyst has to understand both communities very well. You have to have extremely good communication skills. You will have clueless marketing people tell you that all they need is an app to increase sales, then you will have to know enough about infrastructure to ask them how they will keep and store that data, where they will store it, and if you are in the European market then how will it be GDPR compliant.


It is pushed as an entry level job, but it really isn't. The problem is HR people fall into the tech illiterate category and have to fill positions that they don't understand. The average IT career in the US only lasts 7 years for that reason.

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