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Potential issues with addbuff on populated dedicated?


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Hi guys,


I have a player class system for Lands of Anarchy which gives early game boosts in perks affiliated to certain classes (scavenger, builder, chef, engineer).


Basically, it assumes that every player used to be some sort of profession prior to the apocalypse and thus already has some certain knowledge.


The class system extends the quest line - after the trader quest you get a book as reward which starts the player class quests. This very book is the beginning of the failsafe system to ensure that every player can maximum assign one class.


The item has requirement nothasbuff buffplayerclasschosen and perform OnPrimaryActionEnd AddBuff buffplayclass with target self; this buffs boosts the RewardOptionCount to 4 to ensure all the specific class books are visiible for reward.


The individual class books then have requirement hasbuff buffplayerclass for action0 and removebuff buffplayerclass + addbuff buffplayerclasschosen + addbuff class specific buff.


On local server and small dedicated servers the buff system works perfectly fine and the classes are properly assigned. However - on the populated dedicated server the buffplayerclass is not properly assigned and I fear that most (modded?) items with buffs thus (sometimes/always?) fail to work properly.


Has anyone else had that experience or knows anyway to ensure addbuff is performed upon reading the first book?


I'm kinda stuck because the mod's code has been debugged several times without any errors/obvious things that come to my mind.



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