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Lanadon Conners

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Any chances in a future release, we could get an update to the vehicle wrecks? I love the new looks The Pimps have added but maybe? 1-30 has it's code edited to be a "Service" vehicle?


Police car: Blue paint job, Broken lights on the top and a slightly elevated chance to have Pistols, Shotguns, Ammo or even Swat gear in the Loot table.


Ambulance: New Creation- Box Pickup Painted white with flashers. Slightly elevated chance to have Medical supplies in it's loot table.


Fire Response: Same as Ambulance except painted red. Slightly elevated chance to have Fire tools and fire/Hazmat gear on it's loot table.



The Army trucks are a great addition and a great start but with SO much destruction and carnage out there, it is strange that there very few signs of "Original" Civil response in the game to the crisis. Adding Sandbag roadblocks with a few destroyed Police cars, an Ambulance and an Army truck with A few "Cops", Soldiers and a "Dr" or 2 in the immediate area would help tell the "Story" the game is trying to build. All the "Army Camps" are out in the Boonies or have little effect on the local area.


Thoughts? Discuss

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