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Fairly new PvP Server

PvM in RS

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PvP Server for players who actually want to group up and raid!


Fairly new server, but also willing to help out new players get started (if I’m available)


Add me on discord and message me if you'd like to join our discord server because we have teams that recruit in that discord server if you are interested in joining a team. If you'd like to start your own team with friends on the server that is also possible, the more groups the more interesting the server will be and the longevity of it will be greater.


We really want to build up a community in which the game is no longer just about killing zombies, we want people to build up cities with each other, and tear down others as well. We also highly encourage travel in this server, it is a fairly large random gen world and we want people to have to scavenge for loot. Loot respawn is set to 20 days, and loot abundance is set to 100%, and xp is set to 200% with the ally xp share range set to 1000m (which helps the idea of team building on the server).


If any of this interests you, please feel free to message me with any questions. Since the server is still very new, I am also open to polling different settings on the server for the common good of everyone on the server. Server IP/Port is

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