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How do you deal with late game inventory management?


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background: I like to play with stack size mod, backpack size mod, vehicle speed mod. I hate inventory management, I get 0 fun out of it so I try to maximize fun time with the game with those mods. Then to balance out the mods I avoid any zombie AI manipulation trickery and play on higher game difficulties.


My Problem: Even with the mods I find myself wasting lots of time doing way to much inventory management, especially later in the game. Any suggestions? I know some games have auto sorting mods (subnautica) but that does not seem to exist here. Even if an unlimited backpack mod existed that would introduce more problems.


Right now the best thing I can think of is writing a python script that uses image recognition to 'find' things in inventory then use the mouse and keyboard to move to the correct chest. But that seems like a lot of work.

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The thing about those mods is that they get you used to having much more inventory, making it harder for yourself to deal with inventory.


The best advice I could give is to stop hoarding stuff.

If you have built a base and/or the structures you want, and you have your transportation, and you have your farm, you basically have little worries late game. The only thing you constantly need to supply is your ammo and materials to craft ammo. Everything else either do not gather at all, or gather only the good-selling stuff and sell right away.


Inventory management should only be a real issue early game.

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