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Server upgrade recommendation


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I have rented a basic pingperfect server and I would like to know what upgrades i need to make to it in order to accommodate the following gameplay:


- Maximum of 7-8 players all on at the same time for 3-4 hours.

- 2 of these players will have god mode and will be flying around (all other players will have normal permissions)

- a lot of builds (bases, large moats, a lot of trees, etc.) will be made in that world.

- On occasion 10-20 zombies will be spawned in



The server currently has the following specs:


- Game Slots: 12

- Service hosted on SSD: Yes

- Ram: 6gb

- CPU Priority: Normal Priority



We ran ran a test with everyone in the server and for the first hour or so, all the players and zombies were rubberbanding. Running in place without actually moving. After about an hour or so and 1 or 2 restarts, things started to work normally.


Any tips on avoiding the above issues is appreciated.

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