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A town that can be cleared of zombies, walls repaired, and houses fixed for NPC's.


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First, imagine a pre-fab medium sized town full of suburban homes. Maybe about 10 houses in the town total, so it would be just one road down the middle, and 5 houses on each side of the road.


Second, this town never spawns new zombies within it's borders. The only zombies inside of this town, are the ones that came with the pre-fab at creation of a new game save file.


Third, yes, outside zombies can wander in the town.



Fourth, this town has a repairable "Perimeter Wall", that you can fix to keep zombies out.



Fifth, this could be a big quest line - to repair and fix the town, and make it suitable for human living again.



You could go and repair all of the houses. Fix the broken blocks. The broken windows. The damaged floors. Clean up the trash in the roads. Clear all zombies in the town.. basically, through sheer hard work, make it look like it did before the zombie outbreak. This would be a fun activity... amdist all of the wasteland... there is a town that you fixed up, and when you walk or drive inside of it, all of the houses look beautiful and clean.



You could get EXP rewards for the different milestones you reach in that town.

- Clear all zombies in town's borders

- Fully repair perimeter wall

- Add turrets to front gate

- Clean all trash piles from town

- Repair or replace all damaged blocks within town



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I would rather towns become tier 6 pois. Instead of one building being reset, they all get reset, and the sleeper aggro range is increased. so now you have to explore all of diersville, and if you make a noise an entire block wakes up, tears out of their houses, and comes after you.


Also add some sort of patrolling horde into the town, and extra zombies in the streets. Supplies could be stashed or buried, and instead of a marker on the map it's just a large circle that is affected by the lucky looter perk. So all you get is a general vicinity of where the supplies are at.

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To some extent this could done if there was a way to stop sleepers from respawning. Literally, you kill all Zs in a POI and they will never reappear. There was supposedly a parameter that made that happen, but it never worked.


The rest i guess is a matter of creating quests that would automatically start at some point or when nearing specific POIs.

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Already started that with A17 with friends as a fun "end game" project. Street lights, solar banks on every 2nd/3rd house, poles with relays on their tops, big battery bank houses as power stations with solar charging, looks pretty good and it was really fun and "long term". Would be nice if it has any gameplay value actually you mentioned, clearing out whole towns and protect them, build houses for ppl, create farms so they can produce food, provide them electricity, cooling/heating, food, etc.


Would be really nice to update the electricity system, after A18 the A17 savegame was obsolate and we only want to restart the project when we have some new options to play with (alternate switches, working ovens, heaters/ACs, more light options, etc.

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Clearing a whole town on itself could be an incentive. Don't know what the new Event System will bring, but i hope many new relations and interactions. My thoughts:

1. I consider there will be an option for sleepers to NOT respawn after a POI has been cleared.

2. The amount of events and their size should be dependant on the number of unexplored and full of zombies POIs in the vicinity. If all of them are full, it's more likely some wanderers will knock on your door. If you cleared everything around you in a few hundred meter radius, it's less likely to meet a lonely zombie or a few.

3. The amount of events and their size is proportional to the time spent in game. I imagine this as player activity sporadically is noticeable from miles away (gunshots, explosions and many others in a practically silent environment).

For example, if you didn't clear any POIs for 30 days, you would get bigger and badder things coming your way. This could mix with #2, allowing you to weaken those incoming events a bit, but they would still gradually get tougher.

4. Instead of a group wandering after the player, it sometimes goes into an open POI and refreshes the sleepers there (only during night or when player is away). This should be the only way a cleared POI gets their sleepers back (perhaps additionally change their placing?).

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My guess is that with the tools that the funpimps have to work with, it would have to be a similar block to the land claim block. That turns off sleepers. Only instead of setting ownership to the player, it sets ownership to a npc faction. You place the "settlement block" down and then you either build around it, or link a "house flip" block to it and put that in a near by poi to attach that to npcs.


Now the caveat is that once the settlement is built, it will become the new blood moon target, so you will have to defend it with ONE exception: IF you generate 10000 heat before horde night, then the chunk that generates that heat will become the new target.


the only catch is how will this work in multiplayer? maybe turn off the npcs but allow some of the other aspects to create clan joined properties? That is where the monkey wrench gets tossed in: how will this translate in multiplayer? Maybe not add it in multiplayer and make it part of some sort of story mode?


i can see that working as this sort of zombie survival mad max where you fight off zombies and bandits with the goal of helping a settlement get established to the point where they are self sufficient and can fight off the hordes themselves.

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We all know there isn't a permanent solution for surviving a bloodmoon horde. Just a handful of bases are meant to last the toughest hordes, even without consideration of Demolishers. Now take into account that NPCs that will defend the said base are gonna be to some extent idiots, not well trained or simply put, will not think the same way as the player.


You will not be able to make the same "defense cheese" for that survivor base, because they will need to get around, in and out of the base (unless you make them immobile). They will have to pick the best possible positions for the defense and thay may vary depending on the situation (players CAN make that decision, AI unlikely). They will need lots of weapons and tons of ammo for the hundreds of Zs that storm the camp, shooting at least as accurately as a turret. Apart from that, they will die when their HP hits 0 or will they turn into zombies?


There are so many little details and problems associated with all of that, which constitutes the bulk of the problem here. It needs to be VERY WELL planned and executed, which surely will require a lot of time. I would love to see it happening, but will we ever?

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