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A18.1 generating RWG takes forever


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I've had a RWG running now for hours, it doesn't seem to generate anything. Just massive CPU/MEM usage.

I get this error at the begining:

CreateDirectory '' failed: (current dir: )


Then it just sits here

11.807 INF Started thread RWG

11.810 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Geyuni Mountains

11.810 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Socket Data

13.159 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Detail Data


and ".local/share/7DaysToDie/GeneratedWorlds" is empty...


Currently using an older 6 core server, with A17 it didn't take this long.


Ideas? Is 8192 maximum world size now or what? In the client I can't generate higher than that but in the serverconfig.xml it says 16384 is max.

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Oh, I see. I changed to generate the map on my i9 9900 instead, seems to take forever also. Don't think the GPU is being used tho, maybe because I ran it as a dedicated server but that's because I wanted the maximum map size.


But 9 hours for a map to generate is insane, I wonder how long it will take for me.

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Done now, took ~2h40m to generate, but holy hell, it uses 16gb memory. In a17 it used about 6gb... I have to move the map to the server later and see how much memory it uses there.


EDIT: it used 7,3gb when i put it on the server, if you use a vm be sure to allocate some spare memory (around 2-3gb) otherwise it seems to crash.

So if 7dtd uses 7.3gb, the server itself should have a total of 10gb memory.


(I remember a few versions back i could run 7dtd on a core 2 duo server with a 4gb of memory and I don't even think 7dtd used more than maybe 1gb itself)

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