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Multiplayer Lag


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Hello! i was wondering if i could get pointed into the right direction on figuring out whats causing the frame drops for us.

Currently i have a windows server hosting the multiplayer game and its specs are:


Version A18.1

i7 940 @ 3.9 ghz

18 GB ram

240 GB ssd

win 10


We are both connecting to the sever locally via the join with ip option and we are getting tons of frame drops

This especially got worse after a blood moon night where we used grenades and pipe bombs and the z's also destroyed foundations of where we were holed up causing 2 buildings to collapse as well. Now we get frame drops more frequently and even approaching the area that was destroyed causes massive lag. Is there some settings that we can change to help this? There are only 2 players and there is only one instance running.


our own pc specs are


win 10

ryzen 2700x

rtx 2070 @ 2k resolution

32 GB ram


win 7


gtx 1070 @ 1080p

16 GB ram

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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