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Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cheese Cake are inconsistent


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Pumpkin Bread has the most simple recipe, jet the exact same amount of benefits and the exact same economic value as the cake versions. That is inconsistent.


Pumpkin Cheese cake has the most demanding recipe, jet no difference at all in the final product relative to the more simple versions of pumpkin cookies. That is inconsistent.


I know, of course, that Madmole is actually working on a whole bunch of new recipes. I just wanted to remind him about installing DIFFERENCES in the products when recipes have DIFFERENT difficulties.


It would be OK to give products the same benefits if the difficulty levels of the recipes are the same. In case they are not, that should be reflected in the benefits or - at least - in the economic value!




While i am at the correction of the cooking recipes:


When you eat a single corn, do you have the same possibility of getting ill as when you eat a cup of corn?

What when you separately eat every corn in the cup? Does the probability of getting ill go up to 100% solely because of the difference in shuffling?


What i want to emphasize: The amount of food should go into the values for illness probability. THAT would be CONSISTENT. The actual state is IN-consistent.


I'm actually correcting the A18 recipes in the way that the amount of ingredients is proportional to the food value (both economic and calorie wise) AND proportional to the food poisoning value. And i make it that all recipes that are made with pure alcohol give proportional less food poisoning chance.


Consistency is the crucial core of phantasy worlds: If they lack it, they appear to be ridiculous/foolish/silly. As long as they preserve it, they can have as crazy rules as their maker wants but keep appearing fitting/well thought.


Make the recipes better ones in the future!




Just a little teasing i can't resist: You scrapped things solely for the reason of them being somewhat redundant, in that there were not enough use cases for those things.


Compare that to the recipes for cooking: You do have very few differences, if at all, between differently NAMED and ICONIZED things. They all have the same economic value and the same food value.


And Madmole is working not on reducing them, but to expand them!


How does this go in line with scrapping for example sticks or iron ore?


If you would have just a little consistency in your developer team, you would EITHER expand fussy details OR scrap everything that is not bloody necessary! But not times the one, times the other way around, and that completely arbitrary.

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Why does a Yucca Smoothie help with cold resist? "I'm so cold I don't know if I'll make it thru the night. I know! I'll drink something made from snow! That will surely warm me up." Shouldn't it help with keeping you cool in very hot areas instead?


this confused me so much too

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Madmole hasn’t done his recipe pass yet. Eventually prepared meals will have timed buff benefits that will make them worthwhile and will entice people to cook and eat them instead of plain canned food.


That's good, as most people mostly ignore the whole food thing anyway as it's just stamina refill right now.


***At Al's Marina and Nutritional Fulfillment Center, what you eat is important to us! And with that, could the vandal that put a "P" in front of our sign please quickly report to Vinny "The Slasher" for your just reward. Meat-like substance night is tomorrow.***

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