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Strange map layers / walls. Hints to fix?


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We have started a dedicated (rented) Alpha 18.0 Server with a new game. In this game we have a strange map/environment behaviour. The middle to far view of the map is displayed as some sort of wall and will get flat if you come closer. It somehow looks like a scene from the movie inception :biggrin-new:


As interesting as it might look, I would like to remove this behaviour. But I don't know where to start. Any ideas? Anyone had the same issue?


On a lokal game we do not have this isssue. It even persists after the update to 18.1.





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Same problem here... have try to clean game data on both client and server . I also erease every map files on the server to regen it... still having those ''redering square zone'' that move with me. all this by a fresh and clean re instal off the dedicated server tool from steam. I really dont understand and need help PLZ.

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