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Mayhem PVP Looking for members


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Hello we are a relatively new server looking to expand our player base.


Launched: 11/13/2019

Server: IP Port 41451


XP: 250%

Loot: 250%

Respawn: 3 days

Kill Strangers Only

Drop Backpack On Death

Drop Nothing On Quit

500 Party Kill Range

13 Hour Airdrop - No Marker

Difficulty: Nomad

90 Min day cycle with a bit more daytime to play.


Rules are found on discord and we may add some and may change, still feeling things out.

Here are some

No drop mining

No player camping

No building inside POI

You can't initiate a trade with someone and then kill. - That's scummy.




Just getting back into the swing of things with A18. I am not sure what other settings you would like to know about. I hope to see you in game. Bring a friend!

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