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Blood Moon Zombie Count


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Good morning you beautiful people. I had a question concerning the blood moon zombie count. We just finished the day 56 blood moon, GS 190+, difficulty one step below Insane (really need to remember to see what that's called lol), 16 zombies per person, 120min days and 30min nights. There are two people on my sever and I wrote down the number of zombie kills each of us had before the night started and after it was finished. Over the night the two of us managed to kill 1,023 zombies combined. I'm curious how many zombies was the cap for that night set on if we managed to kill that many. I was also thinking that if we hadn't managed to reach the max zombies that were supposed to be spawned for the night, let's say the max was 1500, should they continue to keep spawning until that number was reached? For those of us that choose to fight the horde I think it would be a fun aspect. For those that chose to ignore the horde though it could cause a problem. I'm not quite sure how the zombie spawning should react to those people. Should they keep spawning until a designated number of zombies were killed? I'm not sure whether I would prefer a set number that needed to be killed or a set time like it has currently.

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