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Need help moving to new world. Is there an inventory editor anymore?


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Hi all, so we got bored of our current map at day 45, and I made a nice big 16k map with nitro gen, however when I move the player files over, trying different combinations of the files, I always end up with my inventory randomized mostly, my skills messed up and the ability to jump a hundred blocks in the air at a time.


It looks like the only inventory editor there was is nonexistent now due to the guy who made it not having time.


Basically we did this once or twice before where we packed up the essentials/most valuable things and the cannon is that we headed out to somewhere new, it's a nice way to change things up without loosing everything.


How can I transfer our inventories over to our new world properly so that they and our stats stay the same, but everything else is brand new?

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Problem is that each new world gen generates a new Block and Item ID Mapping. The xmls dont have preassigned IDs to the individual blocks/items anymore. So move the block/item ID Mapping from the worldsave folder to the new world and the inventory should be copied properly.


If the new world started already - the valid new players then will have the bugged inventory though ;) So only to be done on a completely new world prior to people joining.


Remember that the spawning location however needs to be valid (last log out is where they log in - if its now outside of the world size - happy flight.

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