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Localization not pushing title of each skill level??


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So, everything else works except this on my tests. I tried everything I could think of, copied code from the original localization, nothing damn works.


I'm talking about :



my localization file [ATTACH]30622[/ATTACH]

its this line perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1Desc


my perk

<perk name="perkLegendaryCraftingClubs" name_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubs" parent="skillLegendaryCrafting" max_level="1" base_skill_point_cost="10" desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsDesc" long_desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsLongDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_club">
	<level_requirements level="1">
	<requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="attIntellect" operation="GTE" value="10" desc_key="reqIntellectLevel10"/>
	<requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkPummelPete" operation="GTE" value="10" desc_key="reqPerkPummelPeteLevel10"/>
		<passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_set" level="1" value="6" tags="perkPummelPete"/>
		<effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1Desc" long_desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1LongDesc"/>


thanks.. this is the only thing holding me from releasing my mods.






EDIT: There's something magical that you spend 4 ♥♥♥♥ing days on the same issue and find no clue, but as soon as you post for everyone to see ur struggles the solution descend right in front of you. My effect description was out of the effect group. Gonna leave this so everyone can see I'm dumb as f.


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