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Death Log?


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Is there a death log we can open and see how we died?


A few deaths now where I've just suddenly went to the death screen.


+ over 140 hp

+ blue/pink heavy armor

+ 4/5 pain tolerance

+ no demo/cop beeps

+ went back to check roof intact so can't be vulture spit


Not knowing what killed me it's hard to alter base to counter it.

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Thanks for reply, it happened again on horde night. I fight indoors no demolishers were triggered, thought I heard a cop beeping but I fight indoors so couldn't see. But none of the blocks, floors, walls, roof were damaged. Just got me scratching my head wondering what happened. Maybe 1 block thick concrete walls isn't safe enough.


Thanks for the tip I'll remember to use if it happens again.

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Blocks don't protect from explosions as they used to, 'nades on the safe side of a door will clear the pack outside well. Demos take out dirt behind dirt. Haven't really tested if cops behind a wall do damage, but it would not surprise me.


Although getting oneshot sounds rough.

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