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Blood moon fisticuffs!


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I want to personally thank TFP for bringing A18 to the masses to start with.


I have been playing for years, 3600+ hours so far and I am really happy with where you guys are headed with the game.


My favourite thing that I've ever encountered is the steel knuckles... OMG! They have completely changed the game for me. On our current build (day 125) I am sitting around the 130lvl mark and have yet to kill any of the 2000+ zombies with anything other than fists or vehicles. It's a total game changer, since level 1 I've been hunting zombies, looting poi at night, doing blood moon on the street and generally just having a blast.


I now go looking for a fight and now with the high game state, there's really no difference between day and night zombies 😊. My favorite thing is to get tore up and have a blood moon street fight, I've never laughed so much in a game!


Thanks guys.

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