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Ultra Long Shutdown Server !!!!


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Hi there...


Is there any solution to optimise the shutdown server ?


Sometime it take more that 20 minutes to stop, sometime it simple NEVER stop !!!


If someone have any solutions to accelerate this shutting down it would be really kind to let me know.


Serveur {PVE-FR] LA GEEKERIE v18

Runing on a i7700k with 64Go Ram on Win 2016 Server

(2 SSD 512 Go - Raid 0 )


The process still stay at 13-15% CPU with 20000-25000Mo RAM occupation.

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My only solution was to create a batch file to kill 7Dserver.EXE process 30s after the shutdown command...


I hope every save is done and nothing is loose using this barbarian method !!!


But no one reply to this thread, probably i'm the only one having this issue.

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Yes, probably. My shutdown solution uses a script that sends the shutdown command to the telnet interface of 7d2d. It takes about 5-10 seconds to shutdown.


Did you check the server logs? Many of the lines there have time stamps. If you see a huge delay between two lines the second line is very likely the task the server could not finish in a normal way.

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