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Let me get this straight. You get:

- Nitrate from Nitrate nodes

- Coal from Coal nodes

- Lead from Lead nodes

Yet you're salt because now Iron behaves just like the other ground resources? Let's get back to getting wooden logs from trees, so you have to additionally "scrap" them in order to get wood... Or let's make it more difficult to manage resources, with each ore needing some kind of refinement before you can use it in any recipe.


Sounds like a plan.

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It was strange to see this when I was going at an Iron ore block (which is bizarre in itself coming out of the ground like a hemorrhoid) and getting scrap iron for the usual use of crafting previously, but not as great for smelting. The only thing that this affects is smelting, but I really liked to get massive amounts raw iron ore from mining, so I will miss it a bit.


There was a ratio of scrap iron smelting compared to raw iron smelting in speed to smelt and quantity of ore gained from smelting, but I guess this is all that is really changed, the raw iron was useless for anything other than scrapping to scrap iron and smelting so its not a terrible change.


I have to say that A18 has a massive amount of changes in so many things that I was really wondering what I should actually do next strategical in the game at only day 4 before day 7 comes around.

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