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Client crash and possible bugs and an opinion!


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I tried to post this over in general support but I think it wouldn't let me so here I try.


Main thing, just updated to 18.1 today. Played for a bit, then upon trying to Exit the game (back to desktop), it hung and stopped responding. I had just stopped playing on a server if thats pertinent information at all.


Windows 10 64 bit

Game version Alpha 18.1 b7

(any other info needed?)


Addition topics---!


Swung a sledgehammer at a Lumberjack zombie in a snow biome on the side of a mountain. As he ragdoll'ed down the slope, the noises he made from me then shooting him with a pistol still came from the point where he started to fall, instead of his current body position.


I've never played Navezgame mode, so I do not know how Super Corn is dealt with there. In the random gen server I am currently a part of (created in base alpha 18, pre patch 18.1), I've done a fair bit of traveling and noticed that I could only find one POI building that only had one stalk of Super Corn. Back in Alpha 17 this would not have been a problem, because the level 5 perk that was for farming let you harvest 5 items per plant. In alpha 18 with the farming changes you can only harvest a maximum of 3. So if it is hard coded that only 1 Super Corn house spawns per world, then growing Super Corn is no longer an option unless 2 extra pieces are cheated in.



Back when Gamestage was first implemented, I believe (I don't know how it worked exactly) that it was able to be gained a lot faster than it currently is in alpha 18. When I stopped playing soon after Gamestage was released, I had already gotten past Gamestage 500. We were mid-late game on that world, plenty of screamers and hordes giving us problems day and night.

Now in my current server though, I'm over level 50, 3000+ zombie kills, and have put in 70+ hours in the last several weeks, and currently I am sitting at about Gamestage 140. If I remember correctly dieing will lower your gamestage briefly, able to be earned back. But my personal belief is that the pace that Gamestage is earned is abyssmally slow now. Roughly at this pace, I'm looking at needing 500 hours on one character. Have I missed that there are faster ways to boost Gamestage? Even if there are slightly better ways, 400 hours is a hefty requirement.


Thank you for coming to my post! 1 bug (the crash), 1 minor bug (ventriloquist zombies), 1 possible oversight (unless that house is just a reealllly rare spawn on random gen), and a peanut gallery opinion.

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