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A18 (b6) Solar Bank issue

Pra3t0r 0f R0m3

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I am experimenting in the prefab builder, and having an issue wiring the solar bank with the battery bank, when using the wire tool, I get a wire coming off the bank, and upon trying to connect to a battery bank, the wire simply disappears, though I get the connection sound notification. In fact I cannot wire the solar bank to anything.

Connections from the battery bank to other items, seems to be working as it should.

Are the solar banks currently broken?


Edit: Upon further trials, above question is moot, as the prefab won't save...it says it did, but upon loading, it states that "no prefab is loaded" at the top right, yet the thumbnail shows it correctly, and I also have an item showing in the compass at the top, but all I see on screen is the checkerboard pattern.

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