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Anybody miss the Hoe?


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Umm looting poi's trivialised hunger on day 1 in A18.


But that's irrelevant to the issue of whether the Hoe's removal was good or bad, but very relevant to the issue of whether there's too much loot on default settings. I played my current game on default settings, I suspect the next game would be at 50% loot.

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Early game sometimes food can be a struggle, which I like. But late-early game the food stockpiles exponentially. I really would like it do slow down a bit. Note, I've never actually went hunting for food besides days 1 - 4.


Anyone hungry? I can cook dinner for all of you... for a year...




Really I feel farming is where it needs to be, just ya know, unless you just cant find potatoes or something, kinda pointless? Idk, I feel it can be worked. The hoe... meh... just idk. I never liked how you used it anyway, plus it let you farm whereever you wanted however much you wanted.


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I honestly do miss the hoe...


Yes, gardens could have been made huge.


Is that possibility a bad thing?

For those that LIKE to build gardens: For sure not.


For those that do NOT like to build gardens: Do those even give a ♥♥♥♥ to the matter at all?

Do those who do NOT like it have to invest any thought in it at all?

Since they do NOT like it, aren't they able to completely IGNORE the whole thing?

Didn't they actually do it that way?


So there are people who LIKE to build huge gardens. Not least because they look nice. The gardens, not the people.


Why not let those, who actually HAVE FUN building those gardens, HAVE FUN doing it?

Why do the funpimps remove things for people who - by their statements in this forum - ignored those possibilities anyways?


What changed by removing the big gardens?

  1. Those who ignored them anyways do NOT get any difference. Except they HAVE to ignore them now.
  2. Those who actually HAD fun using them are ♥♥♥♥ed. Fun reduced.


Does that really pull in sales? I doubt it.


For those little suckers who CLAIM to not have used them but actually DID use them but thereafter HATED themselves for that: Aren't there good doctors in the world to help them fix their behavior?

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Farms are not just unnecessary to survive, they are a waste of skill points as well.

Lucky looter overshadows both the living off the land and the cook perk. Just get more seeds and unlock their recipes and food recipes from schematics.


If you want an actual survival challenge take a loot at zomboid. Farming in zomboid is ultra hard as it requires water managing your crops, zombies trumping your crops, food turning into rot in a few days and farms being the primary source of food after the power goes down.


And you don't need a hoe for the soil but you can damage your hands by working without tools.

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