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Food ineffective in Alpha 18 b155


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All: there's an issue with food not working in this Alpha. I may have the wrong b number in this ticket. But I'm playing on A18. I eat. The icon appears in the bottom left hand side of the screen to tell me that food is adding to my health. But then, 5-6 secs later, instead of counting down, it merely vanishes, leaving little impact on my health. Eventually, I die. There is no current way for me, with this bug, to live beyond about 3 days. It doesn't matter what, how much, or when, I eat. I have spent hours trying different foodstuffs, eating times during the game day, applying meds, teas, freaking everything to try to counteract this in-game, so therefore I think it's a bug. I am suffering no debuffs etc at all during this time. What is causing this?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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