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Enemy spawn rules


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Hi Z fans!


On yesterday - even if on my PC the A18 is playable but very very choppy - I gave it a try: they've worked so much to the A18 I think they deserve a big thanks and a try :)


So I've something to ask about Zs spawn: if you could be so kind to follow my reasoning. So I've generated a random map (12 mins to give you an idea of my PC computing factor) and there in a city there was a lumber mill - the writings say so. That mill was very special: to gain access you only have an external stairway which connects directly to the 2nd floor. The internal 2nd floor is just a small platform with just another stairway to descend on the internal main floor.


As soon as I reached the inner ground level - which was almost a huge empty space - five sleeping Zs woke up and reached for me. One has been killed but I was at lvl3 the 2nd day so... I fled. I reached again the internal stairway - which is the only exit from the internal - and when on platform I was attacked from behind by... a full pack of dogs :)


Ok, now that's not even possible my friends: four Zs are following me and they were at the beginning of the stairs while I was on the platform: the game spawned an entire pack of dogs between the Zs and me. That's totally unrealistic and to me even unbalanced: a full pack of dogs at adventurer difficulty on the 2nd day of the game? Seriously? That's not even challenging: it's a butchering session :)


Apart from the difficulty: my imagination could've accepted a pack of dogs reaching from the outside, unlucky but some sort of realistic. Generating from nowhere onto an internal stairway it's sci-fi even for a Zs game :)


Don't you think so?


At least for me the bad performance and this totally unfair spawn policy totally disappointed me.


Thank you.


Kind regards.

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