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Midnight Slayers - 2 PvE Servers. 1 Modded, 1 Vanilla w/ Sprinkles

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Midnight Slayers

Midnight Slayers has been around since 2015!


We just recently opened a 2nd server to accommodate our players that no longer want to play with mods, and extend this to anybody new as well! Welcome to our Family!


We are Heavily Community Oriented and most of us have known each other for several years. Our discord is the place to be for all things Midnight Slayers. https://discord.gg/gtGXhbB


Full Moon (Server #1)

Modded (mod pack required)

Extra vehicles, weapons and more!



Half Moon (Server #2)

Newly wiped

Same settings as #1, just with Server-side ONLY mods (no download needed, just connect and play)


All of our servers feature:

  • Active Discord -- Moderated 24/7 bot a Custom Coded bot
  • Bridged Discord and Game chat with CSMM
  • Daily Backups
  • CSMM in Use for fun commands (teleport, home, lobby, and more. Purely optional)
  • WEEKLY City and Town resets (resets back to day 1 status, respawns all cars and all lootboxes fixed etc)



  • Difficulty: 4
  • Day length: 90 min
  • Daylight length: 18hrs
  • Zombies speed: Run only at night
  • Max Zombies: 180
  • Max Animals: 50
  • Loot Abundance: 150%
  • Loot Respawn time: 7 days
  • Drop on Death: Backpack only
  • Airdrop: 3 days
  • Claim size: 82
  • Claim amount: 2
  • Deadzone: 250
  • Claim Duration: 21 days
  • Party Shared Killed Range: 250M

Mods Used on Server #1:



Tweaks to All Servers (Server #2 mods)

  • Zombie Range lowered slightly (no more getting hit from 2 blocks away)
  • Zombies don't dig as quickly
  • Some item stacks have been increased
  • Radiated Zombies Drop loot 50% of the time (loot reworked to be less OP)
  • Bikes spawn in Dumpsters
  • Ui Modifications
  • All cars respawn




- - - Updated - - -

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Mods being run on Full Moon server (Server #1)


Bdubs Vehicles

Manux's Vehicles

Weaponry Beta Test (formerly Firearms 2)

FarmLife Mod (updated for A18)

Fun with Flags

Guppycurs Misc Blocks

HH All cars respawn

HH Casino

HH More Seats

Sittable Furniture

Zombie Pinups

Edited by jerseyetr (see edit history)

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Hey, my friend and I are going to join I think. I joined your Discord server.


Were glad you joined us. Welcome to the family.

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