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Zombies spawning in friends' town but not in mine?


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So I have a Pingperfect server with two people living in a big desert town and two people (myself included) living in a smaller forest town. We're all on PC, if it's relevant. Tonight we were all online and the desert town was getting normal zombie spawns and the forest town was getting no wandering zombies and maybe a couple sleepers in some buildings. Immediately after the desert people logged off, a horde spawned behind me in the forest biome, so I changed max zombie spawns from 30 to 60 thinking there just hadn't been enough to go around. But now spawns are on max 60, I'm alone on the server in the forest town, and I'm still seeing no wanderers and just a couple sleepers. I'm level 23, gamestage 40. Where are my zombies? :s


p.s. sorry not sure what prefix to use for this post


UPDATE: Horde night came and went without a horde (or red number or anything) and all loot in buildings has respawned... so I guess this was all caused when the server's time was reset to Day 1 (long story). And I guess there's no way to fix it once the server gets confused about the time. Rip

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Yes, the server going back to day 1 will mess up all spawns and anything else that runs on a timer. It may get back to normal when the day count gets to where it was, or it may be broken forever and you guys will need to start a new save.


Yeahhh. I was able to fix the horde night, i think, but the wandering zombies are still missing in my area. Trying to find a fix. For some reason they show up if the day is set to something like Day 343...


Question: Was the "shownexthordetime" command removed? It doesn't seem to do anything.

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